Anne Tagonist (tagonist) wrote,
Anne Tagonist

I have seriously neglected this blog for the past three months, something of a record. Kind of a shame, too, since I was going strong. Anyway, I will come back here and write more in the coming months, that's a promise. Too much kookiness going on in the world not to have a comment.

I am starting a wordpress blog as well, with a more narrow focus. I'm putting off linking to it until I decide whether I can buy an actual domain name or not, but I will put the final address here soon regardless. I'm planning on promoting the new blog more actively than I ever pushed this one, which means that I'll be limiting the amount of personal information I disclose. Wordpress also has mandatory comment screening (at least, I can't figure out how to set it to auto-approve, which would be my preference if it were possible) which means less in the way of free-flowing conversation. Still, all the controls will be in English. That's got to be something.

I'm putting together a blogroll widget right now. Anybody here want me to list your journal or other blog as a link? Kerrick, I will put your permie blog up unless you object. Anybody want to link to mine, once I get a solid URL?

Take care,

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