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Huck Finn on Estradiol

(chronicles of the humans part 1105953)

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Anne Tagonist
Hello! Since you are perusing my profile, and not just my blog, I assume you are either someone trying to figure out whether "tagonist" is who you suspect I might be, or else a complete stranger trying to figure out who the crap I am. In the first case, yes, that's me. In the second...

I live, once again, in Philadelphia after a sojourn in the wilderness that didn't go so well. I'm trained as a paramedic but temporarily working odd jobs. I don't put photos of myself online, but I look a lot like the cartoon me that accompanies all my posts (I drew it myself, thank you.)

I miss you.

I have a long-standing political affiliation with the saner arms of the crashblogger nebula. I don't think what we consider modern society is stable or permanent, but I don't see any need to imagine a worse decline than the one we're already experiencing (didja notice?) I certainly don't eroticize miserable, violent, or vengeful end-points. My best advice for people who want to know how to survive in The Future is to have lots of friends, work hard, and know how to endure. That, more than straw bale construction or a firearm fetish, seems a responsible and beneficial skillset for any age.

I also have a fascination with socioneurobiology, otherwise known as the science of attributing spiritually important aspects of human life to anatomical structures about which little is known. In other words, a metonym for bullshit. Still fun to write about.

I don't discuss autism on the internet.

I leave anonymous posting on for a reason- because I don't think you should have to join a website to join a conversation. I do appreciate it when anonymous posters sign some kind of repeatable handle, though. I occasionally post friends-only stuff but not often. I encourage people to link to my journal, but it is currently flagged as non-indexable, which means in theory it shouldn't show up on google.

This is (or rather was) my homemade metal forge.

Social capital

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